Echo Practice Rod



The Echo Practice Rod lets you practice your fly casting just about anywhere.  Leave it in the family room and practice your casting while watching the game.  You will appreciate how well this rod imitates the load and action of casting a full size fly rod and helps you prefect your casting motion and timing.  We use this rod all the time in our classes in a classroom environment to illustrate the casting motion and how the line and rod work together to make the cast. 

The Echo Practice Rod uses two different types of yarn to replicate the turnover of the fly line and leader.  It is very well thoughtout for a practice rod, probably since it comes from a company owned by Tim Rajeff, winner of numerous casting championships!

Rod length is 4-feet.  It comes in its own plastic tube and breaks down into two pieces.

Also see the Echo Practice Rod Spey Adapter to practice your Spey casting as well.