RIO Powerflex Trout Leaders - 3-Pack



RIO Powerflex Trout Leader 3-Packs are some of the most popular items in our store.  RIO's Powerflex knotless tapered leaders are designed for superb abrasion-resistance and high knot and tensile strength. Their long, thick butt design provides smooth turn-over while a supple tippet gives the fly life-like presentation. The gray color is neutral and blends into any background for perfect camouflage. Each leader comes with a Perfection Knot loop tied into the butt section.

3 leaders per pack

The recommended tippet for RIO's Trout Leaders is RIO Powerflex or Fluoroflex Plus.

  • Aggressive, high-performance taper
  • Long, powerful butt section with soft flexible tippet
  • Maximum strength and abrasion resistance

RIO's Powerflex Leader Sizing
Size Test Diameter
2X 10 lb. 0.009"
3X 8.2 lb. 0.008"
4X 6.4 lb. 0.007"
5X 5 lb. 0.006"
6X 3.4 lb. 0.005"