RIO Tarpon Pro Leader - 2 Pack



The RIO Tarpon Pro Leader is a beautifully hand-tied leader by the experts at RIO.  We know there are a ton of anglers who like to tie up their own leaders for Tarpon. However, sometimes that leader is just too time consuming. Or your hands are shaking in anticipation of whats to come. These RIO Tarpon Pro Leaders feature a total length of 10-feet with a heavy butt section, tapering down to a mid-section, then a 20 lb or 30lb. class tippet, and finally an 80 lb fluorocarbon shock tippet.  Each section is expertly tied with proven knots and ready to attach to your line and your fly.

20lb class - 80lb shock.

30lb class - 80lb shock.

The RIO Tarpon Pro Leaders come with two leaders per pack.

Here is what RIO has to say about their Tarpon Pro Leaders

RIO’s Tarpon Pro leader takes all the guesswork out of your tarpon fishing. Designed from years of testing and countless feedback from the best Florida Keys guides, our leader is ready to fish out of the package. Simply loop to the end of your line then tie on a fly.  Each leader is 10ft in length, tied with a heavy butt section for wind penetration and turnover.

RIO’s leaders are tied with advanced 100% strength knots and they’re the perfect choice for all tarpon destinations. There are two leaders in each pack.

  • Ultra-tough nylon with shock tippet
  • Tied with advanced 100% strength knots
  • 10 Feet total length with 20 or 30 pound class tippet and 80 pound fluorocarbon shock tippet