Rio Tippet Suppleflex



The RIO Suppleflex Tippet is strong, has great knot strength,  and is very supple.  It is a natural choice when fishing small dry flies and nymphs.  The softer, less stiff, characteristics of Suppleflex allows your small flies to move as freely as possible and minimizes micro-drag on the fly. 

Available in 4X through 7X.  30 yards per spool.

  • Extra supple tippet
  • Light olive color

Ideal For

  • Dry Flies
  • Soft Hackles
  • Delicate presentation

Size Lb Test Diameter
4x 6.1lb 0.007in
5x 4.7lb 0.006in
6x 3.0lb 0.005in
7x 2.0lb 0.004in