RIO Premier Striper 30ft Sink Tip



RIO's Premier Striper 30ft Sink Tip line is probably a great line for stripers, but we don't have striped bass in Washington so we can't say for sure.  We can say, however, that the Premier Striper Line is a really good line for other applications in addition to stripers.  We've been using the Striper line for fishing deep structure for smallmouth bass and chasing salmon in the saltwater.  The RIO Premier 30ft Striper Sink Tip line would also be a real winner for chucking big flies to lingcod and rockfish at maximum depths.  

RIO's Premier Striper 30ft Sink Tip line features a very fast sinking 30-foot head with an intermediate sinking running line.  There are many lines on the market that appear similar in characteristics, but the Striper line simply casts better and casts as well as anything out there with large, heavy flies.  Good casters will appreciate the 35-foot head length which aids in carrying more line during the cast and easing the transition from the intermediate running line into the super dense, fast sinking 30-foot sinking portion of the line.  Once you've bombed your cast into the horizon and your fly is sinking to the target depth, the ultra-low stretch ConnectCore is super sensitive for subtle strikes and allows for solid hook sets, even at extreme depths.  

If you're looking for a great line for fishing deep water, take a hard look at the RIO Premier Striper 30ft Sink Tip line.  

Here is what RIO has to say about their Premier Striper Sink Tip line:

RIO’s Striper fly lines are designed for the modern striper angler, and feature quick-loading, easy casting heads. There are three fly line types within this series: 1) a full floating line, 2) a clear intermediate sinking line with luminous running line, and 3) a series of 30 ft long sinking head fly lines with intermediate running lines. Each sinking fly line is density compensated and allows anglers to stay in touch with the fly. Welded loops on both ends of all lines make for fast rigging. In addition the line is built with SlickCast—the slickest, most durable coating on the market.

The lines are sold in "grain" weights, and RIO recommends the following conversion to appropriate rod sizes:

  • 250gr = 7/8wt
  • 300gr = 8/9wt
  • 350gr = 9/10wt
  • 400gr = 10/11wt
  • 450gr = 11/12wt
  • Front biased weight to load rods at close range
  • Luminous running line on intermediate line for night fishing
  • Density compensation on sinking lines
  • Built with RIO's exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast coating

    Line Size
    7/8 wt
    8/9 wt
    9/10 wt
    10/11 wt
    11/12 wt
    30' Head Wt Head
    Black / Gray 250gr 40ft 1.5-6.5 ips 100ft
    Black / Salmon 300gr 40ft 1.5-7.2 ips 100ft
    Black / Blue 350gr 40ft 1.5-8.2 ips 100ft
    Black / Yellow 400gr 40ft 1.5-8.5 ips 100ft
    Black / Tan 450gr 40ft 1.5-9.0 ips 100ft