Dirty Hoh - Black/Blue

Pacific Fly Fishers


The Black and Blue Dirty Hoh was designed by our Steelhead guide Joe Ewing. This fly has been a staple in his personal box for over a decade.    

The Original Dirty Hoh was designed by necessity on a "blown out river trip" to the Olympic Peninsula. Tied and named in the Forks Motel and proven worthy the next day with two fish on a river that was "blown out" was all it took with this fly.  

The unweighted combination of flash, fur, and marabou allows anglers to swing tight into the shallow edges with a decent sink tip and not hang up as much.  This fly also produces a very large profile unlike traditional marabou patterns.Thus, creating a highly visible fly in dirty water/low visibility conditions. A further benefit of the construction of this fly is the presence of a large dubbing ball built up just behind the head. The marabou will not collapse and will flow in both slow water currents and fast water currents.

 The length of the fly is approx 3.5".

Size 1