Sage Enforcer Reels



Sage Enforcer reels are built to stand up to the abuse of saltwater environments a big hot fish. An improved sealed drag, that is 50% stronger then the Sage Spectrum Max family of reels. The Sage Enforcer will tame even the meanest triple digit Tarpon, with one of the strongest, most consistent, durable, and smooth drag systems available today. The Sage Enforcer series of reels are the ultimate saltwater reels for the flats and heavy duty fly fishing. 

Each reel comes with a reel case and Sage's Lifetime Original Owner Warranty. 

Here is what Sage has to say about their Enforcer reels:

Born of the performance of our renowned THERMO big game bluewater reels, the Sage ENFORCER has been updated and fine-tuned for the power, reliability, and durability needs of the saltwater flats angler. Designed with peak performance in mind, the ENFORCER offers everything the flats angler needs in a reel, whether taming the explosive runs of double-digit Bonefish or putting the brakes on the freight train pull of triple-digit tarpon. Simply put, this is the ultimate saltwater reel for flats and heavy-duty fly-fishing applications.

But battles on the flats are exercises in nuance and chaos, so we’ve beefed up the O-rings and drag plates for added durability, consistency, and reliability. Maximum drag has been increased by 50% over the ENFORCER’s predecessor, the SPECTRUM MAX; you’ll find eight pounds at the arbor in the 7/8 size, 15 pounds in the 9/10 size, and 17 pounds at the arbor in the 11/12 size. For saltwater anglers fishing heavy tippets who don’t want to let fish run continuously—or who care enough about their fingers to avoid palming fast spinning spools—this increased drag allows them to get most out of their reel without sacrificing any metacarpals.

From the first time an angler stepped onto the flats with a fly rod, it’s been well known that reels can take a beating in this environment; sand, wind, and salt love nothing more than finding a cozy spot inside a saltwater reel. The ENFORCER is more durable than any of our saltwater flats reels, with larger drag discs to better disperse pressure and maintain the consistency of the power band throughout the fight by stabilizing inherent stopping strength. An all-new reel foot design with radiused corners prevents abrasion to leaders wrapped around the reel foot for storage—or in the unfortunate, but inevitable, moments when the line wraps around the foot in the initial chaos of the hookup.

Take these features—the old standbys, the innovations—and wrap them up in a burlier and more rigid and rugged cold-forged aluminum frame and you have a reel that will stand up to the drops, knocks, and beatdowns that frequently occur in saltwater fishing situations.

  • 50% Higher Drag Than SPECTRUM Family
  • Enlarged and Improved Seals
  • Increased Durability
  • More Rigidity
  • New Radius Cornered Reel Foot
  • Cold forged and tempered for superior strength and rigidity
  • Hard anodized finish for surface protection and corrosion resistance in fresh or saltwater
  • Easy conversion from left to right-hand retrieve
  • 7/8

    Spool Width
    1 3/8"
    4 1/4"
    9 3/8 oz.
    Line Size
    7-8 wt
    *Capacity (yds)
    WF8 + 200yds/20lb
  • 9/10

    Spool Width
    1 1/2in"
    4 5/8"
    10 13/16oz.
    Line Size
    9-10 wt
    *Capacity (yds)
    WF10 + 200yds/30lb
  • 11/12

    Spool Width
    1 9/16"
    4 15/16"
    11 7/8 oz.
    Line Size
    11-12 wt
    *Capacity (yds)
    WF12 + 300yds/30lb