Sage Spey II Reels


$550.00 - $575.00

Sage Spey II reels take modern innovation, classic styling, Sage's deeply rooted history in Spey fishing, and wraps it all up in one bad ass Spey reel. Sage has been manufacturing and a leader in reel innovation since 1984, when they came out with the 500 series, a collaboration with Hardy. Then in 2001 they launched their first reel with their sealed carbon system drag (SCS) and they have continued to engineer some the finest fly reels that have ever been made. All of those years of innovation and experience has contributed to the design and performace the Sage Spey ll Reel, a reel we think the Spey community is really going to be excited about.

Sage Spey ll reels come in three sizes, perfectly designed to match and balance two handed Spey & switch rods, along with the lines associated with them. These reels were meticulously designed to be the perfect Spey reel, right down to the reel foot. Sage Spey ll reels feature a full cage frame. Full cage frames eliminate the chance of the shooting line from ever going between the frame and the spool. This also adds durability to the reel and adds weight to create an ideal ballast point and perfectly balance Spey and switch rods. Minimal porting on both the reel frame and the spool adds the appropriate amount of weight to the reel, and also adds a sexy classic, yet modern appearance and feel to the reels. "Fresh yet familiar"

The sealed drag system is also better than ever before with the utilization of their new and proprietary O-Rings. They've also added a second clicker to the drag system. This not only adds durability and a more enhanced sound, but it also eliminates the problem of the reel rotating at the end of the cast and picking up line, thereby shortening your swing by a few inches after each cast. Very annoying!

Sage has increased the backing capacity on these reels to better accommodate a wider range of Spey lines and add some extra insurance for the guys and gals chasing giants that might put you 200 yards into your backing. In the case that you do need to add more pressure to the reel, Sage has left the rim of the spool exposed so that it can be "palmed", which is an important feature for a full cage Spey reel.

Another notable design feature on the Sage Spey ll reel is the reel foot. The reel foot is off-set from the center of the reel. This little tweak helps balance the rod. Additionally, they have a radiused, or rounded, reel foot where Spey anglers often like to wrap their leader or sink tip around the back of the reel before attaching the fly to the stripping guide.  The radiused foot minimizes kinking your leader or possibly damaging your leader or sink tip.

Each Sage Spey Series reel comes with a neoprene reel case and Sage's Lifetime Original Owner Warranty.

Here is what Sage has to say about their Spey II Series reels:

Our new SPEY Reels are the result of 40 years of designing, fishing, and tinkering combined with our enduring passions of Spey fishing for anadromous species. During that period, we’ve watched - and in many cases driven - innovation in the Spey world in real time: material advancements, rod and line development, evolutions in fishing and casting techniques, and the discovery of new swung fly fisheries. As a result of all those years of experience and collective understanding, we’ve determined the very specific demands that modern Spey anglers place on their reels. We’ve taken this information and applied it to the new SPEY Reels .
Internally, SPEY Reels utilize a redesigned, sealed, carbon fiber disc and dual-clicker drag system that ensures dependability, eliminates unwarranted spool rotation, and offers exceptional resonance. Mass and balance were given equally-high attention in our design process as we updated model sizing to better align with matching Spey rods and we adjusted the location of the reel foot to provide uniform axial balance with the rod . A full-frame design eliminates the possibility of shooting lines slipping between spool and frame while the addition of a machined radius around the reel foot for comfortable wrapping of leader, tip, or tippet . Completing the package is a classic and elegant aesthetic of porting and laser engraving that Spey anglers can acknowledge and appreciate.

    • SCS Drag
    • One Revolution Drag Knob with numbered and detented settings
    • Radius cornered reel foot to prevent line/leader abrasion
    • Center-Of-Mass balanced reel foot
    • Large arbor for fast line pick-up
    • Concave, ported arbor for greater strength and capacity
    • Full frame construction
    •  Minimal porting for classic look and better balance
    •  Fully machined 6061-T6 aerospace grade aluminum 
  • 5/6/7

    Spool Width
    9.44 oz.
    Line Size
    5-7 wt
    *Capacity (yds)
    150 yds/20lb + 550gr Skagit Head 
  • 6/7/8

    Spool Width
    10.31 oz.
    Line Size
    6-8 wt
    *Capacity (yds)
    150 yds/30lb + 600gr Skagit Head
  • 8/9/10

    Spool Width
    11.25 oz.
    Line Size
    8-10 wt
    *Capacity (yds)
     200 yds/30lb + 725gr Skagit Head