Scientific Anglers Bonefish Line - Clearance Sale

Scientific Anglers

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Scientific Anglers Bonefish Line - 7wt - Clearance Sale

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Our favorite bonefish line for many years, SA's Bonefish Line is not overloaded like nearly all of today's lines, and especially saltwater lines.  Offered as a true line weight, the SA Bonefish line is a great choice for good casters and those with softer action rods.

A day of bonefishing will either be the most fun you’ve had with a fly rod or the most frustrating day of your life. Take some of the chance out of the equation with the Scientific Anglers Mastery Bonefish fly line. Built on a stiff core for warmer, tropical conditions, the Bonefish taper features a long, compound head for casting accuracy and delicate deliveries to fish that you’ll swear have a sixth sense.

  • Revised taper for delicate deliveries to skittish fish
  • Precise presentations in tropical conditions
  • Stiff coating and core for enhanced shooting
  • Looped on both ends for quick rigging
  • Long head for fly control and casting accuracy
  • Tropi-Core™ technology for tropical climates
Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Bonefish Line Taper
Scientific Anglers
Line Weight
33.7’ / 10,3m 100.0’ / 30.5m 140gr / 9,1g
35.5’ / 10,8m 100.0’ / 30.5m 160gr / 10,4g
37.5’ / 11,4m 100.0’ / 30.5m 185gr / 12,0g
39.7’ / 12,1m 100.0’ / 30.5m 210gr / 13,6g
41.8’ / 12,8m 100.0’ / 30.5m 240gr / 15,6g

* Grain weight for the first 30ft