Ultra Chenille



Standard-sized Ultra Chenille (pictured) is commonly used for worm patterns like the San Juan Worm but is also excellent for bodies on nymphs and streamers. It is similar to chenille but finer in diameter and very dense in comparison to chenille.  The standard Ultra Chenille is approximate 3/32" wide.

The micro-sized Ultra Chenille is really nice for a variety of applications. It is commonly used on patterns like the Palomino Midge. It also makes smaller, thinner versions of the San Juan Worm or is nice for bloodworm chironomid larva imitations. It is also fine enough for small nymph bodies and provides a nice segmented look.  The Micro Ultra Chenille is approximately 1/16" wide.

When using Ultra Chenille or Micro Ultra Chenille, you can use a lighter to burn the ends of the chenille to create a tapered effect.

Each card holds approximately 13 feet.

Also called Vernille.