Ben "Robes" Roback

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Ben “Robes” Roback is the newest addition to the Pacific Fly Fishers’ team. He grew up in Northern New Mexico fishing the numerous small mountain creeks that region has to offer. Robes attended college in Bozeman Montana where his trout obsession really took off. There, he also worked as a fly fishing guide and has proven that he knows how to navigate a trouty environment. Robes has recently been branching out to other disciplines such as swinging flies for steelhead and wading saltwater flats for bonefish.

Robes’ passion for fly fishing keeps him enthusiastically showing up to the shop every day eager to help answer questions and provide angling insight. Although new to the PNW, he has been quickly picking up on the fishing opportunities in the area and is looking forward to exploring more.

Things you'll hear Robes say:

  • "There aint's no fish in this river".
  • "SET!”
  • "You don't know until you throw".
  • "Hey, you got another Pheasant Tail?"