Fly Tying Challenge

Congratulations to Thomas LaGrow for winning our Fly Tying Challange with his Tidbit Perch!  Thomas wins a $250 Gift Certificate for use on our catalog.

The Tidbit Perch by Thomas LaGrow.  Thomas says the Tidbit Perch is for bass and other predatory fish.  He did a great job of incorporating all of the mandatory materials.  The Fish Scale is used in the top of the fly.  The ostrich is wrapped along the hook shank as part of the body.  The UV Polar Chenille appears to be palmered on the body as well to form the mid-section of the baitfish profile.  The Senyo Laser Dub is used on the belly and throat and is incorporated into the body as well (we think).  Beauty!  We'll be copying this one for our own personal use very soon.


1st Runner Up - Jordan Rae - Jay's Opal Squid

Jordan ties this killer winter steelhead pattern to imitate the Opalescent Inshore Squid which, he states, is native to the Pacific Ocean.  He used a mix of natural and synthetic materials to create a stout yet natural presence in the water and likes to fish the fly on our coastal rivers near the salt.  Nice work, Jordan!  The use of Jungle Cock Eyes trailing back like the eyes of a squid is super cool!


2nd Runner Up - Dave Markle - TBD


Dave mixed tradition with modern synthetics to incorporate the mandatory materials yet still create a traditional style steelhead fly.  Dave used purple Fish Scale for the tag and a butt of ostrich herl.  Polar Chenille and Laser Dub were incorporated into the collar in addition to blue eared pheasant.  Nice work, Dave!  Lots of work went into this fly and I'm sure a steelhead will jump all over it!