RIO Coastal QuickShooter



RIO's Coastal QuickShooter is the perfect line for fishing from the beach.  It was inspired by our very own, Capt.Ben Zander, who suggested the concept and worked with RIO to develop the Coastal QuickShooter.  It is a full intermediate sinking line to keep the line under the waves and keep the angler in maximum contact with the fly.  The taper of the Coastal QuickShooter features a short, slightly over weighted head to aid in casting into the wind and carrying larger flies throughout long casts.  A short, powerful front taper helps with the final turnover of the cast and perfect delivery in wind or with those larger flies. 

All Coastal QuickShooter lines incorporate a supple core and coating to reduce tangling in cooler climates.  They also feature a clear head with a chartreuse running line on the regular QuickShooter and a purple running line on the XP version.

  • Short powerful front taper to turnover large flies
  • Supple core and coating that will not tangle in cooler conditions
  • Clear, easy loading head that empowers the cast at close range
RIO Coastal Quickshooter line taper diagram
Line Size
5 wt
6 wt
7 wt
8 wt
Full Head Wt Head
Clear/Chartreuse 175gr 34 ft 1.5 in/sec 90 ft
Clear/Chartreuse 210gr 35 ft 1.5 in/sec 90 ft
Clear/Chartreuse 230gr 35 ft 1.5 in/sec 90 ft
Clear/Chartreuse 250gr 36 ft 1.5 in/sec 100 ft