June 7th 2010, Marcel's Steelhead

Another good day on the upper Sky, we were able to miss a few fish and land one nice one for the fish box.


The river has been up a dirty for a little while now, but anybody who knows me, knows that I wont be deterred by those conditions. The flies of choice for these kinds of water conditions are big and burly. Light lines and big flies end up for some good early river fishing. Bennett’s Steelhead Exasperator is one of the favorite patterns for this type of water conditions.

Even those that are weary about the time we get on the water, because steelhead dont bite before noon, or that the water conditions are pretty ugly to the naked eye 9,000 cfs and 2.5’ of vis tends to freak some out. But not I or Marcel who dug this beauty up with the Exasperator out of one of the favorite high water spots on the upper river.

Word from the other daring angler to follow us down the river, (my father) was that he lost two more in this spot about 2 hrs after we left.

There are plenty of fish in the river for those who can figure out the high water. Get out and explore.

Tight Lines,

Joe Ewing PFF, Northwest Steelheading

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