June 20th 2010, Upper Sky River

Fishing on the upper sky has been great. We have had lots of bent rods, plenty of swings and misses. Much like the Mariners lineup we cant seem to score but we can get to the plate.

Between lost cameras and plenty of lost fish this will be a summer to remember. Biggest problem of the year so far and a little tip for those coming out for the first time or just getting into it. Please if your making the transfer from trout fishing to steelheading, never assume you will be playing these fish with the strip. The reason we have these nice big reels with lots of stopping power is so we can play these fish on them. Do yourselves a huge favor if you have yet to catch one of these beautiful fish, let the line go and play it on the reel. We have lost 6 fish because of that this year so I thought I would mention it because it looks like its not just a one time deal.

I did however manage to get one bent rod picture from the last two weeks.

We waited to get the rod in before we headed out. And on the virgin trip to the river we were able to find a nice little 6 pounder to put a good bend in it. To bad we lost it seconds before we were able to get it up on the beach, but the visual was spectacular, just a chrome bright beauty.

Fishing is starting to get a little bit tougher, but there are still plenty of fish in the river to the angler who is willing to give it a go.

Tight Lines,

Joe Ewing PFF, Northwest Steelheading

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