Skykomish June 28, 2010

Fished the Skykomish on 6/28/2010 with my buddy from S.Cal, Steve. Steve and I worked together at Sport Chalet in the Fishing Department when we were in college down in the L.A. area. Steve was raised down there and is proof that just because you’re from S. Cal, you can still be a great fly fisherman. During our day on the water, I was reminded of how spectacular it is just to watch him cast.

We took the boat out and jetted up from Lewis Street all the way up near Gold Bar. We had his wife, Lori, and two kids, Reese and Ally, in the boat so we didn’t hit it too hard, but we got three spots in. The water looked great with about four feet of visibility and flows at 4,500 cfs.

We didn’t land any steelhead but we did have decent activity. In the Sultan area, I was showing off for Steve with a longer-than-necessary Spey cast when my rod was about jerked out of my hand by a fish in the middle of the river. I don’t know how a grab that hard doesn’t stick but it definitely didn’t.

We hit another run up close to Gold Bar that I have never fished before. It didn’t look like great water but it had nice speed and Steve was just starting to get the hang of the Spey rod. We fished it for about an hour and I was surprised to hook a nice, chrome fish that I would say was in the 12-pound area. It was all over the surface of the water, then took maybe 20 yards of backing, then starting shaking, and then it was all over. Nothing is worse than that feeling when the fly pops out of the fish’s mouth and the line goes slack. I really wanted to land that fish and show Steve’s kids. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Both fish were hooked on a marabou tube fly in a black/purple/blue color fished on fairly light sink-tips.
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