IFTD Show in Denver

Nothing too exciting for me to report fishing-wise for this last week… but I did fly down to Denver for three days to go to the International Fly Tackle Dealer (IFTD) show. This show is for the manufacturers to show their products to retail buyers and the press. It is also where most manufacturers announce their new products for the year.

Although the show has been down in attendance the last few years and this year was the same, but it was still the largest gathering of fly fishing tackle you will ever see at one spot!

There were too many cool, new products and innovations to remember without fumbling through my piles of literature (like 40 pounds of literature… seriously) but here are a few highlights that come to mind…

Winston and Sage are launching some major new rod line-ups. The largest news from Winston is the discontinuation of the Winston BIIX to make way for the BIIIX. I really like the new BIIIX. It is a bit quicker than its predecessor, and is really, really light.

The Winston is also coming out with a $495 rod, the GVX, that is medium-fast in action and will be a good seller for them, for sure. It is a really nice, easy casting rod that I think will be super popular. The only problem is that Sage is replacing their VT2 rods with the new

VXP rods at right around the same price… and there will certainly be some competition there. I’m not sure which one I like better. They are both excellent rods!

Nautilus reels also announced there new FWX reels in the 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 sizes. These were perhaps the most exciting thing for me at the show. I seriously hope Nautilus can make them fast enough because these things, priced at $240 to $280 are going to sell like crazy. They are beautiful,

light, and look like they could cost over $400. We’ll have them in the store soon so keep an eye out for themRIO has a new Scandi Spey line that promises to be outstanding. They have a bit more power in the tip than the AFS did and should handle the wind and medium-sized flies easier than the AFS. I have some demos with me at the store in the sizes of 350, 510 and 550 grains (although the 350 will be going with me to B.C. next week :-) so come by and give them a cast on the pond when you get a chance. We should have some in the store by the end of the week. I could keep going on for days but those were some favorites for me. Now it’s time to get caught up at the store!

Good Fishing,


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