Easter Sunday Bass

Those of you that frequent Pacific Fly Fishers know that there are few days when Ben and I both have the day off. Well, that’s the beauty of major holidays when the shop is closed, and we took advantage of Easter Sunday to try and repeat our success at a local bass lake.


Sawyer Lake is located near the town of Covington and is the perfect size for a couple of fly-chucking bass chasers. We launched the boat around 8:00 a.m. and quickly found the one other boat on the lake right where Ben landed a solid 4-pound smallmouth last year. So, we headed to our second favorite spot from last year, a shallow flat that dropped into a creek channel.


The water was still pretty cold for bass, ranging from 49- to 55-degrees. I was fishing a new pattern I created last year called the Mega-Craw (hopefully available in the store in 2012). Ben primarily threw a Sheila’s Sculpin, but fished a ton of different flies. Both of us fished fast sinking lines nearly all day, trying to walk our flies on top of the weeds, down drop-offs, and through submerged timber.

About an hour into the day, something felt a little fishy on the end of the line and I set the hook in a way that would make Bill Dance proud. Up from about six feet of water came a nice little largemouth, angry as hell after a long, cold winter and early spring. Just a few casts later, Ben stuck a fish that would turn out to be a beautiful native cutthroat. We were pumped. We had a couple fish to the boat and the day just started!


We fished with new enthusiasm but didn’t find any other action except the action of putting on our rain jackets for the rest of the day. We stuck it out until about 3:00 and decided to call it a day so Ben could make it back in time to watch the Canucks game.

If we could get a few more warm days of weather around here, the bass should really start to turn on. Once the surface temps reach the 55- to 60-degree mark, look for the fish to start staging close to spawning areas and for the fishing to get excellent!

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