Its always sunny in Wenatchee

Not that I am a fan of that show, but according to the stats it is always sunny in Wenatchee. Well I have been spending quite a bit of time on this river since it has opened. Mason beat me to one of the posts and its been busy going back and forth. But although fishing hasn’t been red hot like it was last year around this time. But for the venturing few that have been out there, there is a few willing takers.

As a heads up the Wenatchee has been and for the next week or so will continue to be running very big. Fishing hasn’t been easy by any means and the fish that we have found to come to the fly have been worked for. Only to be left with a curse word and total disappointment because you missed or lost your chance. It took 14 of those tries to get the first fish to hand on Sunday. We ended up loosing one more on this trip to make it the most fish as of yet for a day with 4. But after just shy of 8 hours on the river the fishing gods shined upon us. Big ticket fly was the Halo and the Llama - Black/Blue found one.

Going back for a few more days and hopefully it will be a little better with more updates.

Tight Lines,

Joe Ewing PFF, Northwest Steelheading

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