Off The Snide

So its Fathers day. Couldn’t hit the river with pops this morning which is too bad. But for the middle of June the river has been pretty non-forgiving as of late. June is the time of year on the Sky where usually a skunk doesn’t happen let alone three in a row. But today I finally got out of the foul odor of the skunk. It wasn’t a banner day on the river didn’t see anybody else with a fish. Hopefully this warm weather stretch will bump the river up to big and get those fish that have been hanging out deep in the lower river moving up and into the fly water.

With the river on the rise the last two days figured it was time to get out and give it hell again on the river. Typically I stay off the Sky during the weekend because of the boat traffic that is on it typically. And there were a few out there today that re-affirmed that for me. The fishing gods however were with me and not them. Hope Karma keeps kickin their a$$es for the stunts that they pulled today. I’m not one that thinks they own the river when I’m out there but common courtesy goes a long way. Most fisherman would come unglued had I or anybody else fished the way they did on the river. Please respect the water of others when you are out fishing it goes a long way.

With that vent over sorry about that; we can get back to fishing. for the most part I was able to get first rod thru the water that I intended to fish today which is always a confidence booster. The first spot one of the most productive spots on the river for me this year yielded me nothing. Figuring my fly was the problem I ran through it 2 more times with different patterns seeing if something completely different would turn the fish that wasn’t there. The next piece of water probably would have had a good chance but as I took the time at the top of the break to tie back on the dark water fly the two boats of who I spoke of earlier made there first appearance. Both proceeded to put their boats in the sweet spot of the run and then step on the oars through the entire run. Normally this wouldn’t bother me too much but the water that I am fishing is only about 2ft deep the damage was done and I wasn’t about to wait around for the water to rest so. skipping the next spot trying to get away from those guys proceeded on the the last scheduled spot on the trip this morning.

With the moron twins in the rear-view started in with the light tip swingin the shallows. Half way through them, boom goes the dynamite, and a nice 7ish pound hatchery buck explodes from the water after 15 mins it found its way to the beach and in a couple of hours from now the BBQ. Ive done my part now its time for you to go out and give our wild steelhead a chance and get yours for the dinner table.

Tight Lines, Joe Ewing PFF, Northwest Steelheading

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