New Dubbings

We've added some new kinds of dubbing here at Pacific Fly Fishers.  And we also have a number of others on clearance sale for $0.99.  Check them out.  We have new dubbings for dry flies, nymphs, steelhead, and even a dubbing that makes very cool small baitfish streamers.  Here is a list of the new dubbings:


Super Fine Dubbing

Super Fine is the dubbing to reach for when dying dry flies. Permanently waterproofed, Super Fine Dubbing is made specifically for dry fly tying. Its “super fine” synthetic filaments allow the tier to create tightly packed dubbing bodies which resist soaking up water. Even in tiny BWO or Trico patterns, Super Fine creates small bodies with ease. Because the dubbing filaments are so fine, it’s also super easy to dub with.


Life Cycle Dubbing

Life Cycle Dubbing is a blend of natural fur mixed with both fine and coarse synthetic fibers to give tiers the perfect dubbing for nymphs. The mixture of different natural and synthetic fibers produces a lifelike, buggy appearance and a texture that is great on small mayfly nymphs all the way up to large stonefly nymphs. A slight sheen from the synthetic fibers adds even more lifelike appeal while the natural fur base makes this a very easy dubbing to use. Specially blended colors for mayflies, caddis and stonefly nymphs.


SLF Bug Dub Dubbing

Want a bit more flash to your nymphs? SLF Bug Dub blends the very popular SLF Dubbing, hare fur, and Prism fibers which reflect light in multiple colors like a prism. Very buggy looking to the eye, this dubbing is sure to be popular with tiers for everything from scuds and mayfly nymphs to mini leeches.


Senyo's Laser Dubbing

Senyo's Laser Dub is a dubbing that is quickly growing in popularity.  It has the perfect blend of easy dubbing softness and flash.  It is made of a mix of 3/4" to 1" acrylic fibers and ICE Dub for a very versatile, easy to use dubbing .  Senyo's Laser Dub is perfect for nymphs, steelhead/salmon flies, and makes some really cool leech and small baitfish streamers.


Natural Fur Dubbing

Natural Fur is 100% pure. We’ve offered things like hare’s masks for years but some prefer to just buy the hair in a dubbing pack instead of cutting it off the hide. So, we’ve brought in some Natural Fur Dubbing from Wapsi in the most popular furs – Hare’s Mask Dark, Hare’s Mask Light, Muskrat, and Beaver.


Scud Dub Dubbing

We’ve also added a couple new colors to our Scud Dub. This dubbing has a ton of sheen from the coarse fibers that make-up the dubbing. Dub this on the hook, put a shellback over the top with ribbing, pick out some legs with your bodkin, and you have a fantastic scud or sow bug. Now available in two “rainbow scud” colors plus Pale Olive and Olive.

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