Simms Cold Weather Gloves

Fall has finally made its way into Western Washington. The temps are dropping and most anglers are starting to think about chum salmon and steelhead. As we get further into winter the need for warm comfortable clothing comes into mind. We have a saying here at Pacific Fly Fishers, happy hands equals happy fisherman. Here we break down the new line up of gloves from Simms. All have angler specific functions and all will keep your hands toasty throughout long cold days on the river.

Simms ProDry Glove

First is the Simms ProDry Glove.

This is sort of a ski/fishing hybrid mitt. You first insert your hands into the provided stretch fleece liner. This provides a base layer as witch to keep your hands warm. The thumb and digits 1 &2 are cut fingerless so knot tying will not be an issue. Next you slide on the Gore-Tex 100 percent waterproof glove. This outer shell, if you will, will keep hands super warm yet the material compresses to allow feel when casting and fighting fish. This top of the line system comes in at $99.95 and is worth every penny in our opinion.

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Simms ExStream Foldover Mitt

Next up is the Simms Exstream Foldover Mitt.

This replaces last year’s Windstopper Foldover Mitt and is a huge improvement. We thought that Simms hit a huge home run with last year’s offering, but this mitt is a grand slam. The DWR treated material is lighter yet more durable and will not stretch out over the life of the product. Inside, the stretch fleece is a nice touch that will provide needed warmth throughout the day. Also new for this year are snaps that will hold the foldover snug to the base of the glove when not in use. Having the foldover up or down will allow you to make effortless casts either way. This glove has an internal pocket for adding disposable hand warmers. Retails for $59.95

Lastly is the Simms Exstream Half Finger Glove.

This glove is made from the same materials as the Foldover Mitt but in an all fingerless configuration. Probably the best seller in the lineup, the fingerless options give you full dexterity all day while providing warmth for the rest of the hand. There are two orange straps on fingers 2 & 3 that act as pullers to remove the glove when hands get wet. No more tearing seams or struggling to get out of your glove fast to land a fish. This glove has an internal pocket for adding disposable hand warmers. Retails for $49.95
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