Gear Keeper Super Zinger Threaded Stud



Gear Keeper RT5-2102 Super Zinger with Threaded Stud is a heavy duty retractor which attaches to a vest, pack, or belt via a solid threaded stud that screws into the back of the retractor.  The 3-foot, 50 lb. Spectra/Nylon cord is tough and dependable and has 2.5-ounces of retraction force.  The Gear Keeper Super Zinger with Threaded Stud is saltwater safe with stainless steel hardware and is perfect for those expensive pliers or other tools.  At just 0.6 ounces, the Super Zinger Threaded Stud keeps tools handy and safe.  Your tools can also be quickly disconnected and reconnected to the retractor without having to remove them from the split ring.