Rising Nippa



The Rising Nippa is a quality line cutter (or nippers) that feature a rubber grip for easier handling.  They are hand sharpened by the folks at Rising and have been super popular with our customers.

Available in assorted colors.  Order the color you like and we will do our best to ship that color.  If that color is not available, we will substitute with a different color.

Here is what Rising has to say about the Nippa:

The time tested design of standard line cutters left us unfulfilled, so we ensured the quality of our cutting blades, and dipped them in rubber for better grip and easier identification. 

  • Straight sharp cutting blade
  • Rubber grip for comfort and identification.
  • Straight Pin - to clean out eye of hook
  • Individually tested, quality controlled and improved in Utah
  • Individually hand honed in Utah
  • No really, we test, inspect and sharpen on diamond file every Nippa we sell - tens of thousands friends..