Loon Quickdraw Tool Tether

Loon Outdoors


Loon's Quickdraw Tool Tether is an all-purpose tool retainer to keep from losing your pliers, forceps, fly boxes, or other gear.  It is designed for use with hemostats and pliers of all sizes.  The Loon Quickdraw Tool Tether features a steel-core for ultimate durability and reliability.  It also has a swivel attachment point to prevent the tether from binding and twisting during use. 

The Quickdraw Tool Tether is a great item just to have handy.  If you've ever been forced to work on a boat or boat trailer in the water and dropped your only wrench, you know what we're saying.

  • Swivel prevents binding from twisting
  • Secure crimped & coated loops
  • Steel-core for maximum durability
  • Heavy-duty carabiner
  • Unstretched length (including hardware):  Approx. 12-inches
  • Stretched length:  Approx. 48-inches