Collapsible Wading Staff

Pacific Fly Fishers


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The Collapsible Wading Staff is an inexpensive, affordable folding wading staff that folds down to 15.5 inches and is 55 inches in length when extended.  The Collapsible Wading Staff is lightweight and sturdy.  The pieces easily snap together via elastic cords inside the staff.  To extend the staff, simply remove it from the neoprene sheath, hold the comfortable foam handle, and let the rest of the staff drop towards the ground.  The remaining sections of the staff snap into place with a little wiggle and you are ready to continue fishing.  When you are ready to fold the staff back into the neoprene sheath, simply pull apart the sections, fold them up, and place it back in the sheath.

The neoprene sheath shown in the photos is included.  Also included is an extendable coil lanyard to connect to your belt and keep the staff from floating way (not shown in the photos).  

The folding Collapsible Wading Staff is a great product at an excellent price.

Total weight with staff, neoprene sheath and coil lanyard is 12.6 ounces.