Air-Lock Strike Indicators - Bulk



Air-Lock Strike Indicators now available in bulk. Air-Lock Strike Indicators offer some very cool benefits over other popular strike indicators on the market. 

Air-Lock indicators attach very securely to the leader but are simple to adjust up and down the leader.  They also don't kink your leaders like many strike indicators do.  Finally, they are easy to see, will float forever, and are surprisingly lightweight. 

Air-Lock strike indicators are made of biodegradable, low density foam and are actually lighter than the original version.  The biodegradable material won't impact the durability of the product, but if you lose one in the river, both the foam and the gray, plastic top will degrade over time and not litter or impact the environment.  Very cool!

Sold individually in three sizes: 1/2", 3/4", & 1", and available in three different colors: White, Orange, and Pink.