Drift-Rite Strike Indicators

Pacific Fly Fishers


Drift-Rite Strike Indicators are designed to help anglers get better drifts while nymph fishing.  The peg shows when the fly is fishing directly below the indicator and getting the best, most drag-free drift.  If the peg is tilted off to the side, the indicator is telling you to mend the line.  Since the peg sticks straight up above the Drift-Rite Strike Indicator, it also offers super sensitive strike detection.

Drift-Rite Strike Indicators are easy to add or remove from the leader, even when a fly is already tied on.  They are also easy to adjust up and down the leader.  Please reference the back of the package for the proper way to place them on the leader.

Four indicators per package.  Choose from 15mm diameter or 18mm diameter sizes.