Whitlock's TelStrike Indicators



Whitlock's TelStrike Indicators are easy to cast, land light on the water, and are extremely sensitive to show the most subtle strikes.  Produced by fly fishing legend, Dave Whitlock, the TelStrike Indicators feature a pink "flag" which stands up straight when the fly has reached maximum depth and is fishing your nymphs drag free.  When the flag is leaning to the side, it is time to mend the line.  When the flag wiggles or if the indicator gets pulled underwater, it's time to set the hook!  

For extra floatation, we recommend using a fine comb to comb in your favorite gel floatant into the yarn.

Sold 3 per package.

Sizes (Length measurements are for the yarn portion only and do not include the pink flag.  Sizing is approximate and can vary by 1/8-inch or so.)

  • Small: Length of 3/4-inch
  • Medium: Length of 1-inch
  • Large: Length of 1 3/8-inch