RIO Medium Versileaders



RIO Medium Versileaders offer the versatility to take a regular old floating line and turn it into a sink tip line. RIO Medium Versileaders come in four different densities. Floating, intermediate, 4 inches per second, and 6 inches per second. These 10 foot leaders are lightweight and cast very easily on both single handed fly lines, and also traditional Spey and Scandi lines up to a 7wt, or shooting heads that are 550 grains or less. RIO Medium Versileaders are built on a 20 pound core. They feature a welded loop on the back end with an i.d. tag, and a perfection loop on the fishing end. Simply attach 3 - 4 feet of tippet with a loop to loop connection and you'll be ready to fish. 

Density Length Sink Rate Grain Weight
Float 10ft Floating 35gr
10ft 1.5 in/sec 35gr
Medium Sink
10ft 4 in/sec 35gr
Fast Sink
10ft 6 in/sec 40gr