RIO Heavy Versileaders



RIO Heavy Versileaders offer the versatility to take a regular old floating line and turn it into a sink tip line. RIO Heavy Versileaders come in four different densities. Floating, intermediate, 4 inches per second, and 6 inches per second. These 10 foot leaders are lightweight and cast very easily on both single handed fly lines, and also traditional Spey and Scandi lines 8wt and up, or shooting heads that are 575 grains and up. RIO Heavy Versileaders are built on a 25 pound core. They feature a welded loop on the back end with an i.d. tag, and a perfection loop on the fishing end. Simply attach 3 - 4 feet of tippet with a loop to loop connection and you'll be ready to fish. 

Density Length Sink Rate Grain Weight
Float 10ft Floating 45gr
10ft 1.5 in/sec 45gr
Medium Sink
10ft 4 in/sec 45gr
Fast Sink
10ft 6 in/sec 60gr