RIO Suppleflex Trout Leaders



RIO Suppleflex Trout Leaders are a super limp copolymer material that will present flies with the softest of touches. Because of its soft nature, the material knots easily with excellent strength. When the hatch calls for a size 20 midge, think no further than this extremely supple leader.

The recommended tippet is RIO Suppleflex tippet material.

From RIO 

The supple nature of the material gives featherweight presentations and does not impede the natural movement of the fly in the current. These leaders are a perfect choice for dry flies, soft hackles, and small nymphs.

  • Soft, supple material for perfect presentation
  • Hand tied perfection loop in the butt for quick rigging
  • Excellent knot and tensile strength

RIO's Suppleflex Trout Leader Sizing
Size Test Diameter
4X 6.1 lb. 0.007"
5X 4.7 lb. 0.006"
6X 3.0 lb. 0.005"