RIO Elite Scandi Launch



The RIO Elite Scandi Launch is so much fun to cast. As far as Scandi lines go, the RIO Elite Scandi Launch is very easy to cast. So if you're new to "touch and go" Spey casts like snake rolls and single Spey's, don't be afraid to give this shooting head a try. But you can still do your snap T's and double Spey's with ease with this Scandi head. The front taper has a really positive turnover and punches through the wind better than Scandi lines we've cast in the past, and previous generations from RIO. Whether you're going full floating with a long tapered leader, or going subsurface, the RIO Elite Scandi Launch will get your flies in the zone. RIO Elite Scandi Launch shooting heads are built with SlickCast, the most durable coating on the market.

To find the best grain weight for your rod, start with our chart down below. These are just recommendations from RIO, but it's a good start to choosing the right head for your rod. Consider the recommended grain weight for your rod, and then choose a head that is 20-40 grains lighter than what is recommended for a Skagit.  

  • Higher tip diameter for consistent turnover of long tapered leaders or heavier VersiLeaders
  • Unique stepped taper concentrates weight in the D-loop for easier rod load and powerful casts
  • Redesigned front taper for delicate turnover and graceful presentations
  •  Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Plus for maximum performance
  • Built with RIO’s exceptionally slick, durable SlickCast coating
For best performance, RIO recommends attaching the following head sizes to these shooting lines sizes:
  • 200gr to 450gr – .024/.026” Elite Metered/PowerFlex Max Shooting Line, or 25lb SlickShooter/GripShooter
  • 450gr to 575gr – .030/.032” Elite Metered/PowerFlex Max Shooting Line, or 35lb SlickShooter/GripShooter
  • 575gr to 675gr – .035/.037” Elite Metered/PowerFlex Max Shooting Line, or 44lb SlickShooter/GripShooter
  • 675gr and bigger – .040/.042” Elite Metered/PowerFlex Max Shooting Line, or 50lb SlickShooter/GripShooter
RIO Skagit Max Power Spey Shooting Head Line
Head wt
Rod wt* Head Length Color Sink Rate
5wt 32ft Pale Green / Blue Float
5/6wt 32ft Pale Green / Blue Float
6wt 33ft Pale Green / Blue Float
6/7wt 34ft Pale Green / Blue Float
7wt 34ft Pale Green / Blue Float
7/8wt 35ft Pale Green / Blue Float
8wt 36ft Pale Green / Blue Float
8/9wt 37ft Pale Green / Blue Float
9wt 38ft Pale Green / Blue Float
9/10wt 39ft Pale Green / Blue Float
10wt 41ft Pale Green / Blue Float
10/11wt 42ft Pale Green / Blue Float
11wt 43ft Pale Green / Blue Float

*Rod Weight designations provided by RIO and should be used as a general guide and will vary based on different manufacturer’s rods, as well as each angler's casting style.