RIO InTouch Mid Head Spey



The RIO InTouch Mid Head Spey is an exciting new line from RIO that puts a new twist on more traditional style lines.  The InTouch Mid Head Spey features head lengths of 52- to 60-feet and is ideal on rods of 13-feet or longer.  It is a great choice for casters that have graduated beyond basic casting skills and are looking take advantage of longer head line designs. 

The Mid Head Spey is a nicely designed line that impressed us right out of the gate.  It loads the rod easily and turns over like a champ.  The ultra-low stretch InTouch core is sure to help with hook setting at long distances.  The bright orange marker in the middle of the line makes it easy to tell where you're at on the line, even in the worst sun glare.  Welded loops on both ends make line or leader changes as quick as possible.

  • rear weighted design loads rods easily and ensures effortless, efficient spey casts
  • Ultra-low stretch connectcore for maximum performance
  • Mid length head for great mending and line control at distance
RIO InTouch Mid Head Spey line taper diagram
Line Size
Color Head/
Total Length
Green/Orange/Straw 540gr 52ft 110ft
Green/Orange/Straw 590gr 54ft 110ft
Green/Orange/Straw 650gr 56ft 115ft
Green/Orange/Straw 710gr 58ft 120ft