Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Leaders - 3pk

Scientific Anglers


Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Leaders are made with a proprietary copolymer blend that is designed to drastically reduce water absorption while maintaining optimal suppleness for high knot strength.  Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Leaders are already incredibly strong for their diameter.  Add the increase in knot strength and you have a very strong leader for the same diameter you're used to.  

Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Leaders have a 29% higher wet knot strength than previous Scientific Anglers leaders and claim to be 40% stronger wet knot strength than their competitors.  An additional bonus is their paper-based packaging which is 100% recyclable and fully biodegradable in case a package gets caught in the wind and blows into the river.

Three leaders per package.  Each Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout leader comes with a Perfection Knot loop tied into the butt section.

  • 3-Pack -  Three leaders per package
  • Taper specifically designed for trout fishing
  • Heavy butt diameters for powerful, accurate deliveries
  • Supple material for drag free drifts
  • Lengths:  7.5-feet and 9-feet
  • Sizes: 1X - 6X

Ideal For

  • Dry flies of all sizes
  • Nymph/Indicator Rigs
  • Streams, rivers and stillwater applications
Scientific Anglers Absolute Trout Leader Sizing
Size Test Tippet Diameter Butt Diameter
1X 13.9 lb. 0.010" 0.025"
2X 11.2 lb. 0.009" 0.025"
3X 9.0 lb. 0.008" 0.024"
4X 7.4 lb. 0.007" 0.024"
5X 5.9 lb. 0.006" 0.023"
6X 3.5 lb. 0.005" 0.023"