HANÁK Competition Tungsten Beads - Diamond+



HANÁK Competition Tungsten Beads - Diamond+ are slotted tungsten beads designed for jig style nymphs.  Hanak Comptetition Tungsten Beads in the Diamond+ style feature a faceted shape for maximum flash like a little disco ball gettin' down in your most groovy trout runs.  Faceted tungsten beads are also said to be slightly heavier since less material is removed in shaping the bead.

  • Slotted bead for jig-style nymphs or streamers
  • Faceted shape for maximum flash and weight
  • Available in Black Nickel, Copper, Gold or Silver finishes
  • 20 beads per package

See our HANÁK H400BL, H450BL or H470BL Competition Fly Hooks for use with the HANÁK slotted tungsten beads.

HANÁK Hook to Slotted Bead Size Chart

Although preferences, styles and conditions will vary greatly, the following bead size chart may be helpful as a reference point for common hook/bead sizes.

Hook size ---  Bead Size
sz. 8 --- 4.0mm
sz. 10 --- 4.0mm
sz. 12 --- 3.5mm
sz. 14 --- 3.0mm
sz. 16 --- 2.5mm