HANÁK Competition Fly Hooks - H 470BL



The HANÁK Competition Jig Wave Fly Hooks - H 470BL are an excellent hook for using slotted tungsten beads for European jig style nymphs. The HANÁK H-470BL Competition Fly Hooks have a 45 degree bend and are super sticky when it comes to hooking fish.  The Wave Point promotes solid hook-ups with a slightly turned-out angle on the hook point.

  • Extra Long Needle Point
  • Wave Point
  • Medium Wire
  • Black Nickel
  • Hi-Carbon, Chemically Sharpened
  • 25 hooks per pack

See our HANÁK Competition Tungsten Beads for use with the H 470BL hooks in the styles of Diamond+, Round+ and Metallic.

HANÁK H 470BL Hook to Slotted Bead Size Chart

Although preferences, styles and conditions will vary greatly, the following bead size chart may be helpful as a reference point for common hook/bead sizes.

Hook size ---  Bead Size
sz. 8 --- 4.0mm
sz. 10 --- 4.0mm
sz. 12 --- 3.5mm
sz. 14 --- 3.0mm
sz. 16 --- 2.5mm