Hareline Fly Tying Kit



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The Hareline Fly Tying Kit is a fantastic beginning fly tying kit that we were excited to see from the fine folks at Hareline.  Most fly tying kits are trying so hard to keep the price down that the quality of the materials suffers.  This creates unnecessary challenges for the beginning fly tier.  The Hareline Fly Tying Kit offers much higher quality materials and will save new tiers a lot of frustration.

The Hareline Fly Tying Kit includes numerous materials and a simple, but very well-done booklet on how to get started tying.  The booklet will lead you through 20 popular fly patterns and expose you to a variety of fly tying techniques.  See below for a list of items included in the fly tying kit.

NOTE:  This kit does not include a vise or tools.  To get started tying your first flies, you will need a vise and some basic tools.  We recommend an inexpensive vise for starting, such as the AA Vise or Griffin 1A Superior Vise.  You may want to upgrade your vise later, but these vises will get you tying and you can upgrade later based on the preferences you develop along the way.

The tools you will need for this kit (in addition to the vise) are a bobbin, scissors, a bodkin, hackle pliers, a hair stacker, and a whip finish tool.  Purchase these items separately or get a good quality kit with all the tools, like the Dr. Slick Fly Tying Tool Set.

Included in the Hareline Fly Tying Kit:

  • Book: Top 20 Fly Patterns for the Beginner
  • 1/8" Gold Beads
  • 3/16" Gold Beads
  • Dry Fly Hooks - Size 14
  • Dry Fly Hooks - Size 18
  • Nymph/Wet Fly Hooks - Size 12
  • Nymph/Wet Fly Hooks - Size 14
  • 3XL Nymph Hooks - Size 8
  • 4XL Streamer Hooks - Size 6
  • 6/0 Black Thread
  • 6/0 Brown Thread
  • 6/0 Red Thread
  • 8/0 Light Cahill Thread
  • 8/0 Black Thread
  • 8/0 Brown Thread
  • Copper Wire
  • Fine Gold Wire
  • Gold/Silver Mylar Tinsel
  • Yellow Floss
  • Krystal Flash - Pearl
  • Sparkle Emerger Yarn - Gray
  • Parapost Wing - White
  • McFly Foam - Orange
  • Ultra Chenille - San Juan Red
  • Variegated Chenille - Black/Coffee
  • Medium Chenille - Black
  • 1/2 Natural Hare's Mask
  • Micro Fine Dry Fly Dubbing - Light Cahill
  • Micro Fine Dry Fly Dubbing - Baetis Gray
  • Micro Fine Dry Fly Dubbing - Tan
  • Micro Fine Dry Fly Dubbing - Black
  • ICE Dub - Caddis Green
  • Medium Round Rubber Legs
  • Bleached Elk Hair
  • Comparadun Deer Hair
  • Rabbit Strips - Black
  • Crosscut Rabbit Strips - Black
  • Marabou Blood Quill Feathers - Black
  • Cinnamon Turkey Tail Feather
  • Hungarian Partridge Feathers
  • Keough Dry Fly Saddle Feathers - Mixed Colors
  • Keough Tailing Feathers - Mixed Colors
  • Chinese Saddle Feathers - Black
  • Ringneck Pheasant Tail Feather
  • Peacock Herl
  • Bucktail - Yellow
  • Bucktail - Brown
  • Loon Water-Based Head Cement
  • Hareline Coaster