Adamsbuilt Aluminum Weigh & Measure Net



If you've ever caught a big fish and wanted to weigh it but didn't want to harm it with a traditional scale, you'll see the value in the Adamsbuilt Aluminum Weigh & Measure Net.  This sling style net allows you to cradle the fish in the net, attach a scale to the handles, and lift the fish for a quick weight measurement.  The frame also has a measurement scale printed on the frame to get a length measurement as well.  Great for fish like salmon, steelhead, pike and musky.  The Adamsbuilt Aluminum Weigh and Measure Net then collapses down for easy storage in the boat or a backpack.

  • Lightweight, durable aluminum frame
  • Large, comfortable handles to pick up fish and attach scale
  • 36" Measuring scale printed on frame
  • Rubberized netting with large holes
  • Easy way to weigh and measure fish without handling them
  • Length when assembled: Approx. 36" long and 12" wide
  • Size when collapsed for storage/transportation:  Approx. 21" long with 3" diameter when rolled up