Aqua Flies Ultra Tubing

Aqua Flies


Aqua Flies Ultra Tubing can be used for the "Ultra Rig", as the perfect junction tubing for old school rigging Intruders, or as junction tubing on your favorite tube flies. Available in six great colors to add a sweet hot spot in the back of a fly. Ultra tubing is super flexible, durable, and allows you to change the hook position easily on the fly.  Works great on Aqua Flies Round Eye Shanks and Return Eye Shanks and on tubes with a diameter of 3/32" or less.

Aqua Flies Ultra Tubing is available in clear, blue, fl. orange, black, chartreuse and fl. pink.

Here is what Aqua Flies has to say about their Ultra Tubing...

Our Ultra Tubing is the ideal tubing to use when building an Ultra Rig system or rigging an intruder the old school method. Ultra Tubing fits perfectly onto an Aqua Flies shank and fits firmly over the eye of a hook. When using Ultra Tubing, you can place the hook in the optimal position behind the fly. Ultra Tubing remains flexible in all weather conditions, even below freezing.