C&F 3-in-1Nail Knot Pipe

C & F


The C&F Designs 3-in-1 Nail Knot Pipe is the preferred nail knot tying tool for the shop staff here at Pacific Fly Fishers.  The thin diameter tube makes it easy to tie very clean, neat Nail Knots, Needle Knots and Albright Knots that hold tight. 

The C&F 3-in1 Nail Knot Pipe also has a splicing needle built-in.  Use the splicing needle for tying Needle Knots and attaching leaders to fly lines via a glued splice.  It can also be a great tool for anglers making their own spliced loops, spicing backing loops, or even splicing sections of fly lines together.

The third handy tool that is part of the C&F 3-in-1 Nail Knot Pipe is the little magnet at the tip of the tube portion of the tool.  The magnet can be really handy for picking up small flies from small compartment fly boxes.

Features of the C&F Designs 3-in1 Nail Knot Pipe:

  • Allows knot to easily slide off pipe before tightening
  • Small and lightweight for keeping in your vest
  • Splicing needle included 
  • Magnetic end for all sorts of purposes
  • Instructions included