Coffee's Sparkle Minnow - Crawfish Brown

Montana Fly Company


Coffee's Sparkle Minnow - Crawfish Brown is full of flash and sparkle.  Brown is a great color that not a lot of other anglers fish.  Coffee's Sparkle Minnow in Crawfish Brown could be a winner in rivers and lakes with lots of crawdads like our local Pass Lake in Washington.  The body is full of copper sparkle and the brown marabou tail is flanked by flashy Krystal Flash.  A copper bead head rounds out the Coffee Sparkle Minnow and adds a bit of undulating, swimming action as you strip retrieve it in. 

Approximate Total Fly Lengths
  • Size 4: 3.5-inches
  • Size 6: 3-inches
  • Size 8: 2.25-inches