Coffee's Sparkle Minnow - Pearl Gold

Montana Fly Company


Coffee's Sparkle Minnow - Pearl Gold is a bright white fly with loads of opalescent flash.  The Pearl Gold Sparkle Minnow will be a surefire hit on rivers or lakes where fish are feeding on small trout or salmon.  The body is white with lots of greenish opalescent flash (which is hard for the camera to capture) and the white marabou tail is flanked by a generous amount of pearl Krystal Flash.  A gold bead head rounds out the Coffee Sparkle Minnow and adds a bit of darting, swimming action as you strip retrieve it in. 

Approximate Total Fly Lengths
  • Size 4: 3.5-inches
  • Size 6: 3-inches
  • Size 8: 2.25-inches
  • Size 10: 2-inches