Dr. Slick Split Shot Clamps

Dr. Slick


Dr. Slick Split Shot Clamps are fly fishing forceps which have been specifically designed to open and close all sizes and materials of split shot.  The Dr. Slick Split Shot Clamps have one jaw that is shaped like a triangle or wedge and the other jaw has two recessed slots to hold the shot.  Simply place the shot in the recess and close the clamp.  The triangular/wedge jaw will open the shot in one smooth motion.  A small gap exists between the jaws to ensure no mashing or cutting of tippet.  The jaw tips are smooth and can be used for closing the shot.  The recessed jaw is colored gold for ease of use.  A built-in straightedge screwdriver helps open damaged split shot as well as other streamside tasks.  Also a needle is built into the handles for cleaning hook eyes filled with head cement.  Made of surgical stainless steel.  5" in length.