Faux Bucktail

Fish Skull


This stuff is pretty cool.  Faux Bucktail from the guys as Fish Skull is a synthetic bucktail that really looks like the real thing.  Faux Bucktail is tapered and has just a slight kink to it just like real bucktail.  It is very easy to work with and every strand is perfect.  No more need to try the difficult task of stacking bucktail because the tapered tips are already lined up for you.  Just cut some off and tie it on your fly.  Because it is a synthetic material, you can bet that Faux Bucktail will also be much more durable and won't get fragile over time like real bucktail can do.  It also doesn't stink like bucktails almost always do! 

Each strand of Faux Bucktail is approximately 5.5-inches in length so it is great for large flies as well.