Fish Skull Body Tubing

Fish Skull


Blane Chocklett's Body Tubing by Fish Skull is a hollow braided tubing used in fly tying for tying big streamers and crab flies.  Each package contains approximately 3-feet of 1/4-inch wide material.  

For crab patterns like the Flexo Crab or Alphonse Crab, the body tubing is pushed and flattened out to create a crab-like shell up to 1-inch in diameter.  

For big streamers, the body tubing material is used to create a bulging cone over which other materials are tied over the top.  Think big musky and pike flies.  The body tubing minimizes the weight of the fly while maximizing the bulk of the long, flowing materials like bucktail or synthetics which flow over the top of the hidden body tubing beneath them.