Fish Skull Fish Mask

Fish Skull


The Fish Skull Fish-Mask is a weightless, clear version of the Baitfish Head that provides a clean, simple, and effective alternative to creating heads with epoxies. A realistic baitfish profile and the ability to take on the color of body materials make it a versatile platform for tying a wide variety of weightless streamer patterns.  Use the recessed eye sockets to easily glue in the eyes of your choice

Realistic profile
Designed to mimic the head, eyes, and gill plates of a baitfish, and to push more water than traditional flies.

Front-fitting design
Quick and easy to use. Simply tie in all materials first, then fit the Fish-Mask from the front.

Recessed eye sockets
Designed to securely position, hold, and protect the eyes.

Add articulation
Compatible with regular hooks or Fish Skull Articulated Shanks.

Fish Skull Fish Mask Size Chart