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Fly Selection - Puget Sound Beaches

Fly Selection - Puget Sound Beaches

If you're taking a trip to Western Washington and are looking for a quick fly fishing fix, you have to try fishing our saltwater beaches of Puget Sound for sea-run cutthroat and salmon. Wading along a quiet beach with your 5- or 6-weight rod, looking for feeding fish in just a few feet of water is a nice way to spend an afternoon. This fly box has you covered for flies. These are proven patterns, many of which were designed just for Puget Sound, and they are just the ticket for our saltwater beach fishing opportunities.

A total of 28 flies, two each of 14 patterns, and the fly box are included in the Puget Sound Beachs fly assortment. Out of stock flies will be substituted with an appropriate selection.  The fly patterns included are (from top to bottom, starting on the left side of the fly box):

  • Mini Gurgler
  • Crazy Charley - White
  • Foulfree Herring - Olive
  • Foulfree Herring - Tan
  • Pin Head
  • Baitfish Minnow - Silver
  • Minnie Candy
  • Marabou Sand Eel - Light
  • Mini Ciever - Olive
  • Mini Ciever - Chartreuse
  • Clouser Minnow - Chartreuse/White
  • Bead Chain Clouser Minnow - olive
  • Imitator - Oil Slick
  • Imitator - Green

Any flies out of stock will be substituted with a very similar pattern.