Fly Selection - Winter Steelhead - Premium

Pacific Fly Fishers

$69.99 - $109.99

With the addition of a killer new fly box and some insanely beautiful new flies, we decided to add a "Premium" version of our popular winter steelhead fly selection.  This selection features some of the finest fly tying you'll see for commercially available steelhead flies.  There are a total of 12 flies in two different sizes and three colors for a variety of conditions. 

All the flies are Intruder style flies with trailing stinger hooks.  Normally, storing flies like this are a pain, but the Plan D fly box included with this fly selection was custom developed just for this type of fly.  It keeps your flies looking great and allows you to see, add and remove flies very easily.

A total of 12 flies, two of each pattern.  Choose to order this fly selection with or without the fly box. The fly patterns included in the Winter Steelhead Premium fly selection are (from left to right, top to bottom):

  • Mini Intruder - Blue/Black
  • Mini Intruder - Hot Pink
  • Mini Intruder - Hot Pink / Orange
  • Stu's Ostrich Intruder - Black/Purple
  • Stu's Ostrich Intruder - Fuchsia/White
  • Stu's Ostrich Intruder - Orange/Pink

Any flies out of stock will be substituted with a very similar pattern.