Foam Cylinders


$2.59 - $3.69

Foam has become so popular for all sorts of fly patterns.  Use these foam cylinders for everything from tiny ant patterns to giant sailfish poppers. 

Our foam cylinders are made of a nice, dense foam and can be cut, shaped and sanded or used as is. The smallest sizes are perfect for foam ant patterns or posts on parachute dry flies.  The medium sizes will make awesome hopper,  stonefly, steelhead skater, and other dry fly patterns. Use the larger sizes for billfish poppers or cut them to custom shapes with a razor blade and some sandpaper. 

The cylinders are over one inch in length and can be colored with Prismacolor Art Markers. Sizes 1/16" and 1/8" contain 10 per package, sizes 1/4" and 3/8" contain 6 per package, and sizes 1/2" and 1" contain 4 per package.